How It Started


With years of experience as the President and owner of New Outlooks Construction Group, Jon Vogel Sr. has always been a craftsman at heart. A love for working with his hands to combine creative style and detailed function led him to make a resin table for his son, Jon Jr., who was in awe of its sturdy, attractive design, cherishing it for years. Jon Sr. hasn't looked back and has been handcrafting custom tables for hundreds to enjoy ever since.


Our Process


With roots in craftsmanship and years of experience in quality construction, we have created a finely-tuned process for designing our custom resin tables. Using high-quality wood and resin we:

  1. Create a custom, attractive design or sketch idea
  2. Choose quality wood and prepare it with sanding
  3. Seal the wood and smoothing any imperfections/knots
  4. Create a container or framework for the wooden table slab
  5. Measure and add color and epoxy resin materials
  6. Carefully pour of base layers and hardening epoxy
  7. Sand and smooth the final tabletop
  8. Make and attach the legs
  9. Polish the final resin river for review


Quality Materials


From dining and kitchen tables to bedside and end tables, we craft pieces as sturdily robust as they are beautiful. We only use the finest wood to make sure you can enjoy your table for as long as possible with:

  • American Walnut Wood
  • American Black Wood
  • Cherry Wood
  • White Ash Wood
  • And More!